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How Purpose Kick-Starts a Virtuous Cycle in High Performing Organizations

Monday, July 27, 2020

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Program Description

International research and consulting firm Deloitte describes the current employer-employee social contract as one in which workers need to be reengaged and re-recruited each day! Mission-based organizations have an enormous advantage in this environment—but only if they can help each employee find purpose in their day-to-day tasks, develop true friendships in the workplace, receive meaningful manager feedback on a consistent, regular schedule and can actively work on personal goals. 

This webinar will help credit union managers:         

  • Translate organization strategy into “purpose profiles” for their staff members
  • Understand the importance of friendships in the workplace—and the techniques to nurture them 
  • Re-prioritize and recommit to the essential leadership skill of consistent, scheduled feedback dialogues
  • Learn how to empower staff members to share and manage their personal workplace goals and the tools to connect those goals to organizational strategy 

Program Length: 90 Minutes
Who Should Attend

Meet the presenter

Matt Purvis, MBA, is a dynamic speaker and customer experience (CX) innovator focused on organizational health, development and differentiation. Matt speaks regularly across the country on these topics and their implications for business strategy, leadership, management, marketing and human resource development. Named a top twenty rising business leader by Oregon Business Magazine, Matt’s career synthesizes break-through insights on the “consumer condition” from presidential campaign management, bank and credit union leadership, financial securities sales, specialty retail and as the former CEO of Burley Design Cooperative, the award-winning, worker-owned sporting goods manufacturer.


$195 for League Member
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