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7 Keys To Create And Manage Remote Teams With Ease Part 1: Foundations Of Managing Remote Teams

Monday, May 11, 2020

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Program Description

The workforce is going remote and with this flexibility and freedom comes a new set of challenges. It is vital to adapt and optimize your credit union to do great work from anywhere. Many are discovering that allowing remote work saves companies between $20,000 and $37,000 per employee per year. It reduces absenteeism and improves retention of good workers. In fact, a Stanford University study found that employers who offered a work from home option had employee turnover rates fall by over 50%.

But with the increase in remote workforce and the flexibility and freedom it brings, comes a new set of challenges. It is vital to adapt and optimize your credit union so employees can do great work from anywhere. In this webinar we will look at 7 keys to create and manage remote teams with ease. We will address challenges in remote work and managing remote teams such as supervising productivity, communication, staying engaged, upskilling, highly variant schedules, and adaptations for realization of greatest benefits including boosting morale, increased productivity, collaboration, decreased costs, better work-life balance, diversity, and extended talent pool.

Part 1: Foundations Of Managing Remote Teams

1. Develop strategies and procedures for managing remote workers

    a. Defining expectations and virtual work guidelines

    b. Honing virtual work skills 

2. Select effective communication and work tools

    a. How to communicate effectively with remote team members

    b. Choosing the right tools and processes

3. Manage productivity

    a. Increase productivity without being able to physically oversee what is happening and know that work is being done

    b. Staying on task

    c. Measurement

 4. Know common team pitfalls and how to avoid them


In part 2, you will learn Advanced Leadership Skills For Managing High Performance Remote Teams. 

Program Length: 60 Minutes
Who Should Attend

Meet the presenter

Marci Powell is a world-renowned resource in business development, remote work and distance learning.  Her thought leadership, strategic planning, and guidance with a focus on innovation, has helped companies worldwide revolutionize the way they work and lead as well as individuals successfully work, learn and live from anywhere.  For over 20 years, Marci has worked remotely enjoying an award-winning and successful career with leadership roles in finance, education, telecommunications and manufacturing. She has managed globally dispersed remote teams and inspired over 100,000 leaders, employees and students across six continents.  Individuals of note whom Powell personally helped successfully transition to remote leadership and teaching are the late Stephen R. Covey and Thomas J Hughes, the late CEO/President of Navy Federal Credit Union.  As a former credit union employee, a CU member since 1984, and married to someone who has been in the credit union industry for over 30 years, Marci considers herself part of the credit union family.


$195 for League Member
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