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Developing and Perpetuating the Board

Monday, June 22, 2020

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Program Description

Does your board have the right characteristics to drive the credit union into the future. We’re not talking about coasting along and a “steady as it goes” mentality. This is about a framework and culture of high performance that pushes the credit union forward to success that benefits the credit union and the members. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the factors and traits that build and reinforce this framework and they are all things that require active engagement and regular visitation. None of these should have a chance to get dusty. Does your board have:

  • An appetite for learning and sharing?
  • Intentional and controlled turnover as part of a plan?
  • Cultural expectations that set the tone for this culture?
  • An approach to adding diversity?
  • A governance committee that establishes these through written policy?

Whether you have all, none, or some of these traits, in this webinar, Kevin Smith will guide you through approaches to build and grow the board’s capacity for strategic vision, all with an aim to benefit the members. 

Program Length: 90 Minutes
Who Should Attend

Meet the presenter

TEAM Resources Consultant and Publisher Kevin Smith has worked with Directors, CEOs, Executive Management, and Staff of credit unions since 2004. Before joining TEAM Resources in 2015, Kevin spent 10 years at the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) in the Center for Professional Development as Director of Volunteer Education. In that role Kevin developed, oversaw and presented programs for credit union executives, directors, and volunteers nationwide.



$195 for League Member
(You must be a member of your state league to attend this presentation.)

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