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The Perfect Board Packet: Understanding the Information in It

Monday, October 07, 2019

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Program Description

The monthly board packet is a critical piece in operating a credit union. 

For most board members, it is their only connection to the credit union. If the board packet contains the right information and the volunteers understand it, they will make more informed sound decisions. If the packet lacks clarity, the board will have difficulty knowing what decisions to make.


In this course you will hear options for what information should be in the monthly packet and guidance on what that means to the credit union.

Program Length: 90 minutes
Who Should Attend

  • Board Members
  • Supervisory Committee Members
  • CEOs

Meet the presenter

TEAM Resources Consultant and Publisher Kevin Smith has worked with Directors, CEOs, Executive Management, and Staff of credit unions since 2004. Before joining TEAM Resources in 2015, Kevin spent 10 years at the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) in the Center for Professional Development as Director of Volunteer Education. In that role Kevin developed, oversaw and presented programs for credit union executives, directors, and volunteers nationwide. 


Kevin is a dynamic and thoughtful presenter. His engaging style keeps audiences interested and informed. As a member of Generation X, fully entrenched in the digital world and actively involved in managing the social media for TEAM Resources, Mr. Smith brings a valuable perspective to the board room and the executive suite. 



$200 for League Member
(You must be a member of your state league to attend this presentation.)

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