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May 30
Member Experience - Consumer-Centric Strategic Advantage
May 31
Cross Selling Your Deposit Services
June 07
Plan Now for Cyber Attacks
June 08
ALM Strategies in a Rising Rate Environment
June 13
Effective Vendor Contract Negotiation, Review, & Management
June 18
Making Your Credit Union Future Ready
June 20
I'm NOT a Salesman!
June 21
Lead Where You Stand
June 27
Skip Tracing
June 28
Becoming Digital: Building a Mobile-First Credit Union
July 11
Outbound Calling: How to Increase Engagement, Revenue, & Retention
July 12
Introduction to Check Payments
July 17
Open More Doors - Close More Sales
July 25
Compliance for Opening Accounts Online
July 26
"No Panic" Presentation Skills
August 01
Responsibilities of the Beginning Security Officer
August 02
Understanding the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)
August 07
Principles of a Great Loan Interview
August 08
Evaluating & Optimizing Your Loan Portfolio
August 15
Snipers, Steamrollers, & Chronic Complainers: Dealing with Difficult People
August 21
Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Compliance for Lenders
August 22
Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Compliance for Frontline Staff
August 23
Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Compliance for BSA Officers
August 28
Principles of Evaluating Consumer Risk (Underwriting)
August 29
How to Sell Your Credit Union: Creating Your Elevator Speech
September 06
IT Audit101 - The Basics
September 12
Hiring the Right Fit
September 18
ACH Exceptions, Government Payments, & Deceased Account Holders
September 19
Ten Steps to Attract New Members & Loans
September 25
Generational Money Chatter
September 26
Effective Inter-Generational Communication with Management or How to Talk to a Boomer
October 03
The 10 Worst Excuses for Not Listening
October 11
The Sales Coach
October 23
Deploying Remote Access Securely
October 24
Motivation, Incentive & Cooperation
October 30
The Benefits of Derivatives
November 20
When Social Media Attacks
November 29
Compliance Rules for Frontline Staff
December 04
Emerging Intellectual Property Topics
December 05
Growth Strategies for Credit Unions
December 11
Best Practices for Serving the Underserved